Abraham #3 - Dealing With Conflict In God's Will / How do I update the information on the website for my Community?

To update all aspects of the website please visit the UPDATE WEBSITE page.  Here you will be able to:

  • Add new dates for your Community - including weekend dates, 4th day, Gatherings or Team Meetings.  Please feel free to add any and all important dates to your page here.
  • Update your Community Contact Information.
  • Add information to your Local Community Member Page such as Team and Guests lists or Schedules, etc.
  • Add an announcement to your Local Community Member Page
  • Even request assistance from other Communities if your Community is in need of Banners, Agape, Helping fill Prayer Vigil, etc…
  • You can also Send an E-Newsletter to your Local Community through the Lampstand E-Newsletter System.

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