Abraham #6 - "Dealing With The Flesh" / What is proper Membership Etiquette?

We are so glad that you are a part of the International Community of the Great Banquet & Awakening!  We have created this online Community for you all to share your experiences of Agape with each other and prepare to share it with new Guests and Sleepers.  Below are a few guidelines to keep this online Community a place of giving and receiving love.

  1. In your Community Groups please keep all content that you post within your personal “wall space” and your Community related to the Great Banquet or Awakening.
  2. Please use your personal facebook, twitter or other social networking to make posts about your family, business, church, or political opinions.  Great Banquet & Awakening Connections should only be used for weekend related information.
  3. Please think before you post and make sure that your post is for the improvement of your Community and is full of love and not malice.
  4. If you have a question or a statement that is sensitive in nature please send a private message to the person you need to address instead of posting it on any “wall space.”
  5. In short – “This is a drama free zone for the purpose of spreading the love of Jesus through the Great Banquet & Awakening.”   Please keep your content full of Agape love towards your fellow Community members.

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