Frequently Asked Questions

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Community Member Info

How can I find other Great Banquet Communities across the country?

To find other communities you can go to our Communities  page or check out our calendar for a map of upcoming scheduled weekends.

What is proper Membership Etiquette?

We are so glad that you are a part of the International Community of the Great Banquet & Awakening!  We have created this online Community for you all to share your experiences of Agape with each other and prepare to share it with new Guests and Sleepers.  Below are a few guidelines to keep this online Community a place of giving and receiving love.

  1. In your Community Groups please keep all content that you post within your personal “wall space” and your Community related to the Great Banquet or Awakening.
  2. Please use your personal facebook, twitter or other social networking to make posts about your family, business, church, or political opinions.  Great Banquet & Awakening Connections should only be used for weekend related information.
  3. Please think before you post and make sure that your post is for the improvement of your Community and is full of love and not malice.
  4. If you have a question or a statement that is sensitive in nature please send a private message to the person you need to address instead of posting it on any “wall space.”
  5. In short – “This is a drama free zone for the purpose of spreading the love of Jesus through the Great Banquet & Awakening.”   Please keep your content full of Agape love towards your fellow Community members.

How do I add a Profile Photo or Avatar?

To add your Profile Photo or Avatar, after you are logged in, go to the upper right corner where your name is.  Click on your name and you will see your profile menu.  Hover over [Profile] then click [Change Avatar].  Now you can upload your photo.  Click on [choose file] then click [upload image].  Now you will be able to crop your Photo.  Move, expand or shrink the highlighted square.  Once you are happy with the crop click [Crop Image].  Your new Profile Photo or Avatar is now uploaded to your profile.

How do I change my username?

Unfortunately there is no way to change your username.  However, if you must change it please contact webmaster@lampstand.net.  We can delete your account and you can set up a fresh new account with your new username.

How do I Sign Up for the E-Newsletter?

Click here to be taken to the E-Newsletter signup page.

Will my email address be shared?

Your email address will NOT be shared.  Your privacy is extremely important to us.  We will only use your email address and contact information to communicate with you about Lampstand News, including Great Banquet and Awakening Community information.  We will do our best to keep the communication to a minimum so you will not be overloaded with too many emails.

What are my E-Newsletter Preferences and how do I update them?

Your preferences allow you to choose your Community so that you will receive E-Newsletters from the National Community and your Local Community if they use the Lampstand E-News system.  When you update your preferences you also have the chance to update your profile which includes your contact information and what weekend you attended.  To update your profile or preferences just click on the SIGN UP BUTTON and enter your email address.  If you are already subscribed then just click submit on the next page and the instructions will be emailed to you with a link to your personal update page.  If you are receiving emails from us then at anytime you can click on the link at the bottom of your email.  Then follow the steps to update your information - click continue, check your email for an update your profile email, click update profile, then change any information you need to including your email address.

How do I change my Email address for the E-Newsletter?

If you are receiving emails from us, then at anytime you can click on the link at the bottom of your email.  Then follow the steps to update your information - click continue, check your email for an update your profile email, click update profile, then change any information you need to including your email address.  If you haven't saved the emails you can at anytime click on the SIGN UP BUTTON and enter your email address and you will be taken through the steps to change your information including your email address at the top of the page.

How do I cancel a prayer or meal server sign up?

To have your name deleted from the Prayer Vigil or Meal Server sign up sheet just go to the Prayer Vigil Page and click on "Need to remove your name from a spot??"

Please allow atleast 48 hours for your name to be removed.

(If the weekend you signed up to pray or serve for is currently happening please do NOT submit this form.  Please call someone you know and have them take your spot.)

There is also a link in the confirmation email that you received that allows you to immediately remove your signup from the form.  Just remember to please call someone to fill your spot if the weekend is already taking place.

How can I sign up to help in the kitchen on a weekend?

Each Community has their own way of setting up their Meal Server volunteers.  Some Communities include these signups on their 72 Hour Prayer Vigil so that you can sign up to serve and pray in the same place.  (If you Community would like to add this feature to your 72 Hour Prayer Vigil please email jessica@lampstand.net).  Please also check the Calendar to find the contact information for your upcoming weekends.  They should be able to direct you to the best way to sign up to serve.  Another way to signup to serve is to contact your local sponsoring church to see if they have signups available.  You can also check your Community's Lampstand Home Page and contact the Community Lay Director for information.

I’ve lost my weekend packet but I want to Sponsor someone. How do I Sponsor a Guest or a Sleeper?

Visit the FORMS page and read the Sponsor Responsibilities for the Great Banquet or Awakening first.  This is very important, since it explains how to be a great Sponsor.  Then print out the Sponsor's Form and the Registration Form for your guest/sleeper.  Fill the forms out and send them to your Local Community with the registration fee.  If you have additional questions please contact your Local Community or the person who sponsored you on your weekend.

How do I give Agape to the guests on the weekend?

Thank you for taking the time to give Agape to the guests.  Find out How HERE

Where do I find a list of the team members and guests for the weekends?

The list of Team Members and Guests on each weekend will be listed on your Community's Member Information Page, or within the link your Community has provided.  If you don't see the information listed it has not been submitted yet.  To help us keep the site up to date please contact your Community's Leaders and ask them to submit the information to be added to your Community Member Page HERE.

Who can attend weekend events?

  • Guests, Sleepers and Team Members can attend all events of their weekend. 
  • Anyone who has been through the Great Banquet or Awakening Weekend (or other similar experience of a 4th day Community - such as Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus, Tres Dias, Via De Cristo, Chrysalis, etc.)  can attend the Send-off, Candlelight, Closing Services, pray in speakers, serve meals, listen to talks).
  • Community members who have family or friends who have not attended a weekend are asked not to bring them to weekend events.


Who can attend other Community Gatherings?

Absolutely everyone is welcome to attend Gatherings.

Is childcare provided at Community events?

Childcare may be available at Gatherings.  Please contact your local Community for specific details.  Childcare is NOT provided for any Weekend Events such as Send off or Closing.

Can I bring my children with me to weekend events?

We request that children NOT attend weekend events such as:

Send-off, Candlelight, Closing, or serving meals.  If you are a nursing mother or have questions about this policy please contact your local Community.

Community Leaders

How do I update the information on the website for my Community?

To update all aspects of the website please visit the UPDATE WEBSITE page.  Here you will be able to:

  • Add new dates for your Community - including weekend dates, 4th day, Gatherings or Team Meetings.  Please feel free to add any and all important dates to your page here.
  • Update your Community Contact Information.
  • Add information to your Local Community Member Page such as Team and Guests lists or Schedules, etc.
  • Add an announcement to your Local Community Member Page
  • Even request assistance from other Communities if your Community is in need of Banners, Agape, Helping fill Prayer Vigil, etc…
  • You can also Send an E-Newsletter to your Local Community through the Lampstand E-Newsletter System.

Can an Awakening Youth/Adult be on a Great Banquet Team?

What if there is someone who has attended the Awakening as a Youth but is now an adult and they want to be on the team for a Great Banquet?

Even though they have attended a similar weekend as a youth the Great Banquet is designed for adults and contains more in-depth content.  To be on the Great Banquet team the youth needs to attend a Great Banquet as a guest first, before they are asked to be on the team for an adult weekend.

How do I Start a New Great Banquet Community?

To begin a Great Banquet Community in your local setting, you will need to contact Lampstand Ministries at 800.783.7509 or office@lampstand.net.  There are several things to prayerfully consider as you begin.   READ MORE DETAILS HERE

Submit a question

If you have a question that needs to be answered in a timely manner please use the Contact Us Page to send us a message so we can respond to you.  Submitting a question here helps us gather common questions so we can eventually add them to the page.  Thank you for you help!