What are the sleeping accommodations?

Every Community holds their weekends in different locations so the accommodations vary. Please contact your Local Community to find out specifics. If you have a concern about the sleeping arrangements because of a health concern please talk to your Sponsor and your Community Lay Director for help.

How do I give Agape to the guests on the weekend?

Check the dates for the weekend and make sure you have time to make or purchase your Agape in time for the weekend. Decide what type of Agape you want to give: - You can give table agape, pillow agape or make a banner. Click HERE for IDEAS. Make or purchase enough pieces for everyone ... Read More

How do I sponsor a Guest or a Sleeper?

Visit the FORMS page and read the Sponsor Responsibilities for the Great Banquet or Awakening first. This is very important, since it explains how to be a great Sponsor. Then print out the Sponsor's Form and the Registration Form for your Guest/Sleeper. Fill the forms out and send them to your Local Community with the ... Read More

How can I sign up to help in the kitchen on a weekend?

Each Community has their own way of setting up their Meal Serve volunteers. Some Communities include these signups on the Lampstand 72 hour Prayer Vigil page. If you don't find a link, then contact your Community directly through their contact page, about how to get involved with volunteering.

How do I cancel a prayer or meal server sign up?

To have your name deleted immediately from the Prayer Vigil or Meal Server sign up sheet, just click on the link in the bottom of your confirmation email remove yourself. If you did not keep your confirmation email just go to the Prayer Vigil Page and click on "Need to remove your name from a ... Read More