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Newsletter - November 2013
 Women's Great Banquet #84 Starts Tonight!  Read More Below.

Give your $10 and we'll have PLENTY!

In the past few years, Lost Bridge Great Banquet Community has hosted numerous Great Banquet and Awakening weekends. And while we DO ask team members and guests to "Pay It Forward" we have never required that they do so. If every person who has attended a banquet made a contribution of $10 - our coffers would again be flush! Your generous gifts help to provide food and supplies for local weekends, as well as the weekends when we take the Great Banquet to Decatur and Taylorville Correctional Centers!
Checks can be made payable and mailed to:
Lost Bridge Great Banquet
655 S. Airport Road, Decatur, IL 62521


God Bless You! Your generosity is appreciated!

-Berta Pitzer

Lampstand Ministries (the covering organization for the Great Banquet movement) has a new and improved website! Same address ( with a whole new look!!

The site is now interactive - log on - register - log-in. You can sign up on the 72 prayer vigils and the server charts from the comfort of your home or office - "that was easy!" And that's just the beginning! There is a wealth of information available to you about our community and other communities! Register - so that you can connect with those in this community and others.

Spend some time investigating!
Applications Being Accepted for ALL Fall Weekends!!
Download applications from the church website:
or pick them up in the church office or the Atrium (on the bookcases near the South Doors).

We need Banners!!

Whether Funny or Fancy Banners are a visible part of our agape love!
Please share your talent with guests this fall!!

Agape Gifts

When preparing agape gifts (YES, It's THAT time again ) please prepare 75 pieces for a weekend. Your handmade gifts are treasured by guests!

Please Pray  
For Team Members before and during their weekends.


Event Reminder
NONE of the Great Banquet events are open to individuals who have not yet attended a Great Banquet, an Awakening or other 3-Day Cursillo-type weekend (Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus, Chrysalis, Via de Cristo, Tres Dias, DeColores, Koinonia, TEC, YES, Kairos, Happening). Great Banquet events are closed to those who have not yet attended one of these weekends because the experience builds over the course of the 3 days, and those who have not yet participated in the full weekend would see the events out of context.  We strive to honor everyone by maintaining the confidentiality and significance of the experience.  This includes: Send-off, Candelight and Closing services, as well as praying speakers in/out and listening to any of the talks.


NO ONE who is not on the weekend (team or guest) should be in the conference room.  During the weekend, the conference room is "Holy Ground."  Other than team and guests, the only ones who should be in that part of the building are those individuals who have signed up to assist Agape with cleaning, distributing pillow agape or other agape tasks.  (Letters, snacks and agape gifts should be left in the office.)


Banquet Speakers are prayed in and out in the chapel or the prayer room.  We have provided speakers in both the chapel and in the vestibule outside Jack's office, so that those who have previously attended a 3-Day weekend may listen to the talk.


Please note: Childcare is NOT provided on Great Banquet Weekends.  Please make private arrangements for the care of your children.  Having children present can become a distraction for guests and team members, who may be missing their own families, and it is therefore not allowed.


Please honor these guidelines, which were prayerfully set to protect the sanctity of the weekend for the guests.


Upcoming Great Banquet & Awakening Weekends

Lost Bridge Women's GB #84 - Nov 14-17, 2013
Mark Your Calendar! 


Lost Bridge Women's Great Banquet #84 - November 14-17, 2013

* you will also be able to sign up to serve meals on the Prayer Vigil.

Lay Director - Tammy Laughery

13 Bed set-up 7:00 pm
14 Send-off 7:30 pm
16 Worship/Candlelight 8:30 pm
17 Closing / Worship 5:00 pm


November 15, 2013
7:45 AM Servers Arrive

8:20 AM Breakfast Served

9:00 AM Pray In Norma Davidson

Talk #1

9:15 AM Talk #1 - Discovering


9:45 AM Pray Out Speaker

11:00 AM Pray In Amy Brown

Talk #2

11:15 AM Talk #2 - God's Gift

of Grace

11:45 AM Pray Out Speaker

12:00 PM Servers Arrive

12:30 PM Lunch Served

1:30 PM Pray In Barbara Grimestad

Talk #3

1:45 PM Talk #3 - Ministry of

All Believers

2:15 PM Pray Out Speaker

2:45 PM Pray In Jack Pitzer

Talk #4

3:00 PM Talk #4- Our Response

to Grace

3:45 PM Pray Out Speaker

5:00 PM Servers Arrive

5:30 PM Dinner Served

6:15 PM Pray In Deb Clow

Talk #5

6:30 PM Talk #5 - The Way of


7:00 PM Pray Out Speaker



November 16, 2013
7:00 AM Servers Arrive

7:30 AM Breakfast Served

8:00 AM Pray In Lori Rosborough

Talk #6

8:15 AM Talk #6 - Truth Through


8:45 AM Pray Out speaker

9:45 AM Pray In Kim Dancey

Talk #7

10:00 AM Talk #7 - Sacramental


12:00 PM Servers Arrive

12:30 PM Lunch Served

2:15 PM Pray Out Speaker

2:45 PM Pray In Teri Dowalder

Talk #8

3:00 PM Talk #8 - Life of

Christian Action

3:30 PM Pray Out Speaker

4:15 PM Pray In Donna Whitsett

Talk #9

4:30 PM Talk #9 - Obstacles to


5:00 PM Pray Out Speaker

5:00 PM Servers Arrive

5:40 PM Dinner Served

7:00 PM Pray In Suzanne Johnson

Talk #10

7:15 PM Talk #10 - Disciples

7:45 PM Pray Out Speaker

8:00 PM Praise & Worship

8:30 PM Candlelight Service

begins at Lampstand

     (Main Sanctuary)



November 17, 2013
7:00 AM Bed Take Down

7:15 AM Servers Arrive

8:00 AM Breakfast Served

8:35 AM Pray In Sarah Koester

Talk #11

8:50 AM Talk #11 - Changing

Our Environment

9:20 AM Pray Out Speaker

9:45 AM Pray In Kim Robinson

Talk #12

10:00 AM Talk #12 - A Life of


10:30 AM Pray Out Speaker

10:45 AM Pray In Nancy Hart

Talk #13

11:00 AM Talk #13 - Body of


11:30 AM Pray Out Speaker

11:45 AM Servers Arrive            

12:15 PM Lunch Served

1:15 PM Pray In Tammy Laughery

Talk #14

1:30 PM Talk #14 - Staying


2:00 PM Pray Out Speaker

2:15 PM Pray In Lisa MacIntosh

Talk #15

2:30 PM Talk #15 - Establishing


3:00 PM Pray Out Speaker

5:00 PM Closing Worship Service

begins at Lampstand

(Main Sanctuary)

Women's 4th Day Meeting - Nov. 19, 2013
Mark Your Calendar! 


Women's 4th Day Meeting - This meeting is open to any woman who has attended a 3-day Cursillo-type weekend and is looking for a reunion group.

Taylorville CC GB #4 - December 6-8, 2013
Mark Your Calendar! 


Taylorville Correctional Center's Great Banquet #4 - December 6-8, 2013
God is doing new things!

He is sending us out into the streets and lanes of the city; the highways and hedges. But, rather than bringing the poor and the maimed and blind and lame in to the feast, we are being called to take His feast to them where they are - in the prisons.
Lost Bridge Great Banquet Community is preparing this feast of love for the men's correctional facility in Taylorville (Dec. 6 - 8).

Please keep the Team Members in prayer as they prepare for the weekend:

Bob Walker
Dan Rennert
Bob Hauskins
Mark Laughery
Matt Ferguson
Jack Pitzer
Rob Perkins
George Burns
Doug Davidson
Mark Gadberry
Perry Snearly
Val McKean
Andre Newsome
Tom Long
John Holmgren, Jr.
Ronald Duff
Doug Shafer
Bill Rowe
T.J. Jackson
Tom Garmon
Wayne Durbin
Brian Lockwood
Chris Hughes
John Wolpert
Brian Crafton
Mick Buttz
Dan Wood
Jeff Byers
John Wright, Sr
Jason Pitzer
Steve Oliver

DCC GB #6 - March 20-24, 2014
Mark Your Calendar! 


March 20 - 23, 2014

Decatur Correctional Center #6

Lost Bridge Men's GB #85 - March 27-30, 2014
Mark Your Calendar! 

March 27 - 30, 2014

Lost Bridge Great Banquet Men's #85

Taylorville CC #5 - April 4-6, 2014
Mark Your Calendar! 
April 4 - 6, 2014

Taylorville Correctional Center #5

Lost Bridge Women's GB #86 - April 10-13, 2014
Mark Your Calendar! 

April 10 - 13, 2014

Lost Bridge Great Banquet Women's #86

Lost Bridge Women's GB #87 - April 24-27, 2014
Mark Your Calendar! 

April 24 - 27, 2014

Lost Bridge Great Banquet Women's #87

LB Awakening Boy's #21 - June 6-8, 2014
Mark Your Calendar! 

June 6 - 8, 2014

Lost Bridge Awakening Boy's #21

LB Awakening Girl's #22 - June 13-14, 2014
Mark Your Calendar! 

June 13 - 15, 2014

Lost Bridge Awakening Girl's #22

Lost Bridge Great Banquet Committee


Berta Pitzer, Chair
John Holmgren, Entertainment
Marsha Haycraft, Secretary/Guest & Sponsor Forms
Gale Stenger, Clean-up
Sheryl Wood, Treasurer/Newsletter
Michele Slunder, Worship for Closing/Candlelight
Shan Harbison, Snacks & Servers
Brian Crafton, Property
Melissa Nielsen, Community Agape
Tom Long, Bed Set-up/Take down
Judy Perkins, International Agape
Sue Lines, Registration
Dave Lillpop, Technology Director

Contact Information

Lampstand Presbyterian Church

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